About Taplokaal Gist

Our mission

We try to surprise everyone who steps into our Taplokaal with awesome craft beers, surprising dishes, or (our favourite) the combination of those two. We don’t take the easy way, but are always in search of original tastes and combinations. Hence you won’t find any big brands on tap and not your average bites on our menu. Our goal is to help everyone take a small step out of their comfort zone.

Our staff

Because we sell such an amount of original products, our staff is on of our most valuable assets. And luckily for us, our staff is the best in town! We have a young kitchen squad, that really enjoys to try new dishes, if possible with beer as an ingredient. As for our waiters: we have one official beersommelier and several beerambassador who together know almost anything about beer. Of course, with all the 30 beertaps changing all the time, it’s hard to keep up, even for our staff. So every once in a while we organize classes for our staff to keep up with the ever changing beer landscape. So if you need help with choosing your beer, just ask them! And if you ask nicely, you might get a small sip to taste.

Our location

Our Taplokaal is situated at Rotsoord. This is an up and coming square a bit south of the city centre. We have a big waterfront terrace at the Vaartsche Rijn near the 'Oudegracht', with sun in the afternoon and evening. Sounds perfect to enjoy some beers & food, right? To make it even better: it’s just a 150 meter from the train station to our Taplokaal, where you can park your car as well. And because were next to the water you can even drop by by boat! Or take the Dutch way and take a bicycle.

We have some great neighbours too: next to us is a small concerthall 'De Helling' and also a great bottleshop 'Kwestie van Smaak' and some other restaurants and bars as well! And if you really enjoyed our beers, there's a hotel 100 meters next to us!

Inside our Taplokaal we can seat up to 125 people, but it can be really cozy. We take orders at the tables, even if you’re just in for a beer. The interior is focused to let people enjoy their food and drinks as much as possible. So the music is not too loud, we serve in glasses that are made for tasting and the acoustics are really good. Everything to let you enjoy the evening with your friends. All our beers are stored dark and cool and we serve our heavy beers on a higher temperature for even better flavours. Of course our kitchen follows the highest standards of hygiene.

Our activities

Tap Takeovers

Every now and then a brewery drops by for a Tap Takeover. That means that for a whole weekend, we have about 20 beers from one brewery on draft. We only do these Takeovers with breweries that brew a very broad variety of beers. They can be from The Netherlands: Het Uiltje dropped by once, as well as Oedipus and de Kromme Haring. But we also did great TTO’s with The Kernel and Siren from the UK, Sori and Pühaste from Estonia, and one of our favourites, Alvinne, a really small but awesome brewery from Belgium. Who knows what’s coming up next! For these TTO’s, our kitchen makes a special menu. You don’t wanna miss it.

Bij zo’n Tap Takeover is ook altijd de brouwer aanwezig, al dan niet samen met wat anderen van die brouwerij.

Uiteraard serveert onze keuken hierbij altijd een bijpassend menu, speciaal voor de bieren van de brouwerij die er dan is.

Lazy Sunday

Every first Sunday of the month is our Lazy Sunday. We’ll provide everything you need for a classic Sunday in the pub: we’ve got live easy listening music, you can play games (well, you can do that always, actually) and out kitchen provides a classic English Sunday Roast: roasted meat, potato’s vegetables, Torkshire Pudding and way more gravy than necessary. And of course there is a vegetarian version as well. Nothing to do? Drop by, relax, eat something, drink something and you will be ready for another week. Right now our Lazy Sunday had been put on a temporary hold. But we hope to organize them again in the future!

Festival Vatgerijpt

Our birthday is february 5th and we celebrate that with our very own festival: Festival Vatgerijpt. That means barrel aged beers only! Through the year, we collect some great barrel aged beers. Last time we had for example Bourbon County brand stout, Founders’ Canadian breakfast stout and La Trappe Oak Aged! But we do not only serve stouts and barley wines, we try to have as much different styles and casks as possible! Tequila-barrel? Check! Flemish Red? Check! This is a Beer Geeks’ dream. Are you just entering the magical world of craft beer? No worries, after this weekend you’ll be a self-pronounced Beer Geek.


In the First weekend of October, we are going German! On the small square right in front of our door, we make a giant Biergarten, we serve Pilsner, Weizen and Volksfestbier in big glasses, dress up in Lederhosen & Dirndls and of course Schlagermuzik will be played. It’s hysterical. And it’s 3 days!